Is It Possible for a Saline Breast Implant to Leak?

Is it possible for a saline breast implant to leak. One is getting smaller than the other Had it done 8 years ago

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Saline implant leak versus capsule contracture


If you are noticing one breast appearing to be getting smaller you may have a saline leak or your may be developing a capsule contracture.  If the breast is appearing to be getting smaller and it is just as soft or softer than before a leak should be suspected.  If on the other hand the breast is getting firmer you may be developing a capsule contracture.  Both issues will need surgery to address properly.  There is no harm with either if you choose to wait, however, improvement will only occur with corrective surgery.

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Saline Implant Leaking?

Thank you for your question.

Yes, it is possible for your saline implant to be leaking after 8 years. Normally, when a patient has a slow leak, they can see the breast size reducing in comparison to the other side. 

I would suggest having a physical examination by a board certified plastic surgeon to determine if you have a leak or not.  If you do have a leak, you may be eligible for a stipend to return to the operating room to replace the implant.  Your surgeon's office should be able to help you contact the implant company to get the information you need.

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Is It Possible for a Saline Breast Implant to Leak?

It certainly possible and the characteristic symptom or finding is a decrease in size that is usually rather sudden. Usually the deflation takes a day or less, but it can be slower in some patients who have a very small defect in the implant shell. 

Call your surgeon, or another if the first is no longer available to you for an evaluation and plan for treatment. You may still have some warranty coverage from the manufacturer. 


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