How Much Would It Be for Rhinoplasty to Get my Nose Symmetrical? (photo)

I like my nose very much, but it is noticeably (to me) uneven. My whole face is asymmetrical but my nose is the most prominent and noticeable part that isn't even. My left nostril goes in my face a little more and seems almost "stretched" to the left side of my face. I want to get it the same as my right side. I attached two pictures, one of my actual nose and the other a "mock-up" of what I want my nose to look like after the procedure. How much would it cost and what would need to be done?

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How Much Would It Be for Rhinoplasty to Get my Nose Symmetrical?

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The posted photos are of little help. Best in person evaluations from boarded rhinoplasty surgeons in your city. Fee range from $2,000 to $6,000. 

Nostril Correction with Rhinoplasty

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   The nostril asymmetry can be improved but not completely corrected.  This would involve transposing the alar base and removal of a small portion.  This may be $2000 or so, depending upon what you and your surgeon decide.

Facial asymmetries are normal

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All people have minor facial asymmetries. If your face were perfectly symmetrical it would look unnatural.  If the asymmetry of your nose on examination by an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon is very minor, it may best be left alone.

Robert Mounsey, MD
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon

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