I want to remove the bump on the bridge of my nose. Looking for Rhinoplasty with Local + IV Sedation in CA?

I'm looking to have Rhinoplasty with IV Sedation or Twilight Sedation. I live in California and my budget is $5k-6k. I want to remove the bump on the bridge of my nose, and want to make my bulbous tip and nostrils smaller and more refined. Is there anyone who does Rhinoplasty with IV Sedation or Twilight Sedation for around $5-6k in CA? Thank You.

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Rhinoplasty done with local anesthesia and sedation.

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I think I answered another question of yours.  Make sure that you have a board certified anesthesiologist to give you sedation.

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Rhinoplasty under "Twilight" anesthesia or IV sedation?

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Sure it's possible, but depending on the completeness of the surgery (septum, turbinates, osteotomies and infractures, Weir excisions), there WILL be bleeding and nasal packs used with IV sedation procedures cannot completely protect your airway in all cases.

For my first 4 years in private practice we operated in our own office facility utilizing RN-delivered oral+IV sedation and local anesthesia (so-called "twilight anesthesia") for breast augmentations, eyelid surgery, some liposuctions, and even facelifts. We did so safely and without complications. But we chose to do our rhinoplasties, abdominoplasties, and more "major" operations at the hospital where full anesthesia was available, particularly for rhinoplasty airway protection. Aspiration is potentially deadly, but even when aspiration patients do well, the hospital and treatment bills mount up quickly, eliminating any cost "savings" by using less protective anesthesia.

In 1991, our office surgical facility became nationally accredited (AAAASF) to offer full anesthesia services. Rhinoplasties now are always done in our office facility with the most safe airway protection possible. We utilize TIVA (Total IV anesthesia)general anesthesia, but protect the airway with LMA or ET tube for virtually all rhinoplasty cases (minor nasal procedures where there is no airway bleeding may be the exception). It's the best; don't you deserve that as well? Save money elsewhere. For more information about anesthesia choices, click on the web reference link below. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

Rhinoplasty under local IV sedation

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I agree with Dr. Palmer.  If the procedure for the nose is minor, I will often do the surgery under a pure local anesthesia so the patient is awake to protect the airway.  If the issue is cost, there is no price difference for IV sedation vs General Anesthesia at my office, as you would need an anesthesiologist either way.  Please feel free to visit my website, and if you would like a complimentary consultation, please give us a call for more information!  Good luck with your decision.

Looking for Rhinoplasty with Local + IV Sedation in CA?

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 I hate to be the bearer of bad news, since you are seeking Rhinoplasty under local or IV sedation.  I have peformed Rhinoplasty for over 25 years and in the early 1990's, all my Rhinoplasties were done under IV sedation as most were at that time.  The issue with Rhinoplasty and the level of sedation or anesthesia has much more to do with protecting the airway and preventing patients from aspirating blood (the nose bleeds during Rhinoplasty) into their lungs.  

 Only a general anesthesia protects the airway using either an ET tube or an LMA.  In Rhinoplasty as in all types of surgery and medicine the first rule is "to do no harm" which means patient safety is the number one priority and IV sedation for a Rhinoplasty IMHO does not offer the level of safety that a general anesthetic with airway protection does.  Hope this clears up this issue.

Rhinoplasty with IV sedation

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Dear IVSedationRhinoplasty,

  • At our office, we do all of our rhinoplasties under IV sedation, safely
  • It is great for recovery with less nausea
  • Feel free to call for more information

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Rhinoplasty Using Local and Sedation

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      Although I generally perform the closed rhinoplasty (no external scar) with general anesthesia, local anesthetic with IV sedation is also appropriate. $5000 to $6000 is a reasonable fee.

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