How Soon for Revision Rhinoplasty After Doctor Botched Operation?

I had septo/rhino/turb surgery 10 days ago. My ENT surgeon confessed he accidentally chipped a large section of bone from my anterior nasal spine and as a result had to spend a fair bit of time reconstructing that area with cartilage taken from my nose. The surgery lasted 4.5hrs & he ran out of time to shave down the bones on either side of my bridge. How soon can I ask him to address this? I had open rhino, but hope he can operate with closed approach to address this concern of mine & promptly?

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Revision Rhinoplasty


Typically speaking you wait a full year for a revision Rhinoplasty. With this situationexplained above I would discuss these questions with your surgeon since he knows exactly what procedures were done and what your healing time etc will be. The bones on the side of the bridge are not shaved down however they are broken and pushed in to thin the nose this is called osteotomies. This procedure only takes a few moments to do and if that is all he did not do then this can be done soon after surgery with a closed approach. Best regards!

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Timing ofRevision Rhinoplasty

Usually we recommend that a patient wait for about 1 year before doing any revision surgery. I don't know why your surgeon decided that there was not enough time to finish the surgery. Depending on what was done during the operation your surgeon may consider doing the bone work sooner than normal because this sounds like you need a completion of the operation and not a true revision.

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Revision surgery for nose

Usually revision rhinoplasty is delayed for a year after the prior surgery to allow for adequate healing and for swelling to subside.

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