Which First for Me, Restylane or the CO2 Laser Treatment? (photo)

My cosmetic surgeon will be doing Restylane, as well as CO2 laser treatment on me, between nose and lips. There are quite a lot of wrinkles (see photo attached). After speaking with doctor, and reading some responses regarding the general question here, I'm still unsure whether I should get the Restylane first, then laser; or wait a few weeks after the CO2 treatment, and then get Restylane. Cost-effectiveness and lasting change are both very important to me. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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The value of doing Restylane first is that you might feel you actually do not need to do laser.

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You have a lip that is severely sun damaged, or damaged from smoking, or both.  In my practice, I would recommend a phenol 89% chemical peel.  This actually penetrates the skin more deeply than the C02 laser and because there is no associated thermal injury, generally heals faster.  The problem is that this requires expertise in chemical peeling and can't be mastered in a weekend course.  However, it depends on what you are looking for.  Artfully performed the fillers will make a significant difference for about a year with very little down time.  This is not nearly as profitable for the surgeon.  You have to decide for yourself what direction seems right for you.

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Restylane and other treatments

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I would suggest sitting down with your surgeon to have a better informational session on the "why or why not" you'd treat one before the other. If you're both on the same page and agree with treatment plan, then your expectations will be reasonable and appropriate.

CO2, Restylane and Botox around the mouth...

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I would recommend getting CO2 laser resurfacing first, then getting Restylane injections.  I would also highly recommend considering getting Botox to the upper lip.  This will help relax the upper lip muscle and prevent the movement and cause of those verticle wrinkles from coming back as strong.

Hope this helps.  Good luck.


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Which First for Me, Restylane or the CO2 Laser Treatment?

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 I have treated unwanted lines and wrinkles around the peri-oral area for over 20 years and IMHO, you should try dilute doses of Botox or Dysport before doing either.  The injections can make the area much smoother and will not have the downtime or potential color changes that a CO2 Laser resurfacing will have if performed around the mouth area alone and not on the entire face.  Resurfacing must be done at a similar level to the depth of the treated line and wrinkle which in most cases is deep within the dermis.  Resurfacing that far down into the skin can cause prolonged redness, mismatch skin coloration compared to the surrounding skin and even a whitish appearance when fully healed.  I d

CO2 before filler

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HI Susan--

I would recommend doing the CO2 laser first for a few reasons.  You may not need as much filler following the CO2 laser due to the stimulation of new collagen and skin tightening that the laser will impart.  Also, it will be harder for the physician to see where the wrinkles are and how deep they truly are (for the laser treatment) if they are filled beforehand.  I agree with the plan to do both however and think you will be pleased.  Best of luck. 

Laurie Jacobson, MD

What's first Restylane or CO2

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My personal preference would be to do the CO2 laser first, then the fillers several weeks later. The idea is to have the CO2 laser get rid of some of the tiny lines and wrinkles, whereby you might not need to put the Restylane in those specific areas anymore. Of course, my other answer to you is to trust what your doctor told you - he or she will have reasons as to what is being done and the order suggested for what is trying to be accomplished.

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