Is it possible for Radiesse to diminish in less than 24 hours? (photo)

I had 1 syringe of Radiesse injected into my Nasolabial folds yesterday afternoon. Initially, It is now a little over 24 hours later and it has definitely started to dissipate and I can see the folds again. Albeit not as bad as they were, still I can see it has gone down significantly. My injector explained to me that Radiesse, due to its make-up, will initially plump and then in a few weeks you might see a decrease in the injected sight and then it will “plump” back up. Thank you

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Nasolabial Folds Respond Well And Immediately To Radiesse or Radiesse Plus Perlane L

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I have been injecting Radiesse for many, many years and for many different aesthetic purposes, including the smile lines, back well before its name was changed from Radiance FN to Radiesse. so, it's fair to say I have seen many nasolabial lines immediately following treatment, as well as in follow-up a few days later. 

I would have to say that in my experience it is unusual to see such a rapid and significant degree of loss of correction within twenty-four hours of injection. The fact is, that more commonly, as a result of all the sticks  and manipulation and tissue molding, the resulting swelling maintains the correction quite well for several days until this treatment-related tissue fluid--edema--is absorbed. Cautioning our patients that swelling, like bruising and tenderness, are common short term side--that last a few days--are expected temporary consequences of treatment. For this reason, I usually quickly show my patients the desired results immediately following the treatment and emphasize to them that the great results they see right away in the mirror are exactly what they will get back to again after the "dust" of swelling and bruising, etc. settles. a few days later.

All this having been said, it bears note that it has become common these days to dilute fillers and volumizers with saline or local anesthetic solution when treating certain areas (although not typically the smile line region).. In such a case, depending upon the extent of dilution, it would not be surprising for there to be a significant reduction in correction within just twenty-four hours of the treatment that would necessitate additional treatment at a subsequent follow-up session... 

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Radiesse filler lasts approximately 1 year.

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Radiesse filler lasts for approximately 1 year after injection. There's typically significant swelling immediately after the injection of Radiesse, and this subsides after several days. I believe you had a very nice improvement with only one syringe injected. Do not be discouraged. The filler seems to have done what it's supposed to do. And this effect will likely enhance further as your body will start building some additional collagen around the particles of Radiesse that were injected.

Is it possible for Radiesse to diminish in less than 24 hours

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It is 100% impossible for Radiesse, or any filler, to go away in less than 24 hours. What happens is that there is an immediate swelling after fillers. For some people, this is the result they actually prefer. For others, they hate the swelling and need it to go down. If you like what you had immediately after, you will need more filler put in to get this result. The filler is 100% still there - and you actually have a nice result - however since your lines were rather deep, I don't think one syringe of any filler could correct fully. You simply need more put in.

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Radiesse Longevity

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The pictures show a very acceptable result with Radiesse. There is a notable difference in lighting and exposure between the 1st and 2nd photos, leading to some of the disparity. You may have had some initial swelling which has since dissipated.

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