Looking for a Qualified Plastic Surgeon in CO Who Has Performed Numerous Total Body Lifts

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Body lift surgeon

Please start with the website for the american society of plastic surgeons.  Use their Find a Surgeon tool.  They will list member ASPS surgeons who are all board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery in your area.  I've listed the website link for you below. 

Best of luck.

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Body lift surgery in Colorado

Finding an experienced body lift surgeon in many parts of the country can be difficult.  Unfortunately many board certified plastic surgeons do not make this a big portion of their practice.  It does need to be a significant portion of their practice to truly do an awesome job.  Some things to consider when interviewing your surgeon for the procedure:1) How many true body lifts do they do in a year(not extended tummy tucks).  2) What combination of procedures do they do and how long on average does it take in surgery?  3)  Do their patients require blood transfusions.  4)  What are the normal complications that they see? 5)  Outpatient or inpatient surgery, if inpatient how long on average are you required to stay in the hospital.  6) How long before you can travel?

Remember this is not something that all plastic surgeons feel comfortable doing.  Do not be afraid to travel to seek the best.


Best of luck and thank you for your question.



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