What Other Procedures Besides Muscle Tightening is an Abdominal Binder Needed?

Is a compression garment after either a mini tummy tuck or tummy tuck?

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Abdominal Binder Is for Comfort, Support and To Reduce Swelling After Tummy Tuck And Liposuction

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An abdominal binder is used after Tummy Tuck and Liposuction to provide comfort and support and reduce swelling. Some feel it may reduce the chance of Seroma.

Be careful that the binder is not too tight. If too tight the binder may interfere with blood supply and cause skin loss.

All tummy tuck procedures require postop garment for about 2 weeks

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Full abdominoplasty with liposuction requires a compression garment to be worn by the patient. It reduces swelling and gives also a support to just repaired muscles. Liposuction itself also requires wearing the compression garment.  Most surgeons require that patients wear an elastic compression garment for a certain length of time after these procedures. I usually recommend 2 weeks.  Such garments are intended to provide continuous postoperative compression to areas treated by liposuction. Mini abdominoplasty still requires garment for about 2 weeks

Compression Is Used In Several Procedures

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Compression garments and abdominal binders are frequently used following abdominoplasty, mini abdominoplasty and abdominal liposuction for a variety of reasons. These devices provide compression which reduces swelling, increases comfort and minimizes the potential for seroma formation.

                We generally tell patients to use a binder for three weeks following surgery. When drains are used, we continue the use of the binder for longer periods of time. It’s interesting to note that when we discontinue the binder, many patients continue to wear it. They feel that the extra support makes them feel more comfortable with activity.


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Binders are used for liposuction, mini tummy tucks, full tummy tucks as well as body lift procedures.  The compression helps control swelling, improve uniform healing of skin and reduce the risk of seroma formation.  Most surgeons recommend some form of compression garment after these surgeries.

When To Use A Binder

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This is what I tell my patients having tummy or back liposuction and any kind of tummy tuck. My advice is based on research into wound healing and swelling.

  1. Compression garment and binder x 2 weeks, 24/7 except to bathe.
  2. Week 2-4 either the garment, or the binder or both 24/7 except to bathe.
  3. Week 4 - 6: either a garment or the binder as needed for comfort.

Why both? Garments help skin and scar swelling better but can fit poorly and hurt.

Binders support muscle better, can be adjusted and rarely hurt.

Everyone is different. Some people need nothing after week 4, some wear binder+garment for months after surgery. Listen to what your body tells you. Hope this helps.

Compression Garments after Abdominal Surgery

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Hi there-

You will find that the recommendations for use of abdominal binders after Tummy Tuck (abdominoplasty) or Mommy Makeover procedures are going to vary widely among surgeons.

It's important to note that in plastic surgery, there are many ways to achieve similar goals, and some things are surgeon preference.

This is not to say that things that are surgeon preference are not important details, however- they ARE important, but only each individual surgeon can say what details of postoperative care and instructions have worked well for his patients in the past.

Therefore, your best bet is to ask the surgeon you will be trusting to perform your surgery what his recommendations for you are. Listen carefully, follow all instructions in detail (without deviation based on what you read here), and communicate openly.


What Other Procedures Besides Muscle Tightening is an Abdominal Binder Needed?

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I like to use some type of compression garment after both mini and full tummy tucks, I think the patients have less swelling and feel more comfortable. We use it all the time for the first 2 weeks and then for 8 hours per day after that. We do the same for liposuction of the abdomen with or without the hips being done.

Julio Garcia, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Wearing an abdominal binder after a mini or a regular tummy tuck can be beneficial

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After a muscle tightening procedure such as a mini or a regular tummy tuck, an abdominal binder is typically worn to help protect the muscles while they heal.  I typically recommend the binder for 6 weeks after the surgery, but it can be removed to shower and exercise.  Having performed a large number of abdominoplasties, wearing the binder for the required 6 weeks has not been very difficult for the majority of my patients.


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I like compression after a tummy tuck or liposuction. A second stage or spanks type garment is also liked by patients are they resume activities and exercise

Abdominal binder

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I tend to use an abdominal binder after abdominoplasty (full or mini), liposuction to the abdomen or posterior back, or in a combination procedures.  I hope that this helps.

Bill Kortesis, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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