For Ohio Doctors: Is There Anyone Who Has Performed Subcisions for Acne Scarring?

I have dark skin (brown). I have 2 boxcar scars on my right temple, faint rolling scarring on my left temple, 1 icepick scar on my right-side inner face area just under my eye, and finally the focus of my potential scar revision plans - a rolling scar on my upper right-side face near my sideburns. I've included a picture of the rolling scar. It is almost 6 years old.

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Subcision for Acne Scars and do they help

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Subcision can work. When I do subcision I usually work under the surface of the skin to stimulate this layer to produce more tissue to elevate depressed scars. We have this lady with multiple forehead depressions which we demonstrate how this is done with great results. Laser resurfacing is important to do as well at some point.

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