Is it possible for my teeth to be straightened with metal braces without the removal of 4 bicuspids? (Photo)

I've had my third molars (Wisdom Teeth) removed a year ago and visited a different dentist for orthodontics. During the consultation, he told me my teeth were crowded, obviously, and needed the bicuspids removed. I've spoken to other dentists and people who told me there are other ways to make room, like tooth stripping/diamond cutting. My new dentist explained that since I am older than 12 (I'm 23), I would need surgery to straighten the teeth without extraction.

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Braces without Extractions

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Yes you could easily do braces without extractions!  You will want to find a Damon braces provider for sure to make sure your treatment can be done without extractions. If you go to there is a doctor locator on the site and you should be able to find a doctor that can help you:). Good luck and I hope this helps!!  

Sandy Orthodontist

Do I need teeth extracted?

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Short it always is, is: of course you can be treated without extractions!
The better question is, "what is the best treatment for me"?
In this case the answer probably is: yes tooth extraction would give you a better and more stable result.
When you said dentist recommended extractions I certainly would make sure you see an orthodontist and make sure that this orthodontist is not someone who "prides themselves" on how many patients he/she can treat without extractions.  If this is their goal then it is easy to achieve, but why remove a great tool (extractions) from your tool box?  Sometimes it is the best tool for the problem

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

Is it possible for my teeth to be straightened with metal braces without the removal of 4 bicuspids?

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The only way to know the answer to this question is to see what your face looks like, particularly in profile. Your TMJ, airway and lip support must also be evaluated before deciding whether or not to extract teeth. You obviously have significant crowding and extracting teeth would resolve that crowding. However, you must consider what the effects of extracting teeth will have on your facial profile, upper lip support, airway health and TMJ health. If the doctor(s) you are seeing can not talk to you confidently about the effects orthodontics will have on facial aesthetics, airway health and TMJ health then you need to find a different doctor to treat your case.

Would I extract teeth in your case? I have no idea without seeing your face and images of your TMJ.

Good luck!

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