Is It Possible for my Teeth to Go Back to Their Original Condition After 3 Years of Wearing Braces?

I've been wearing my braces and going to my doctor for 3 years now and I am fed up with this steel contraption and I want to remove them but my doctor says that my teeth will go back to their original state and I just don't believe it. Is it possible? I know that you can't keep the alignment perfectly but will they go back to the original state? If I use a retainer will that minimize the movement?

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Relapse is Quite Possible

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Not sure what "steel contraption" you are speaking about but relapse is very common after orthodontic treatment.  And yes, in some cases you could relapse all the way back to your original appearance.  If the orthodontist placed a fixed retainer on the inside of you front teeth, you can replace that with a traditional removable retainer that is worn at night to maintain tooth position. 

Hope that helps!

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