Is It Possible for my Nose to Be Wider After Alarplasty? It Seems 2x Larger Post-op.

My "new nose" seems way larger than my original nose after rhinoplasty. My doctor said its due to swelling, but I have a hard time believing it could be that large from swelling. It looks worse than my original nose.

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Can "Alarplasty" Widen a Nose?

First let me say that "alarplasty" is not a commonly used word in rhinoplastic surgery. I assume it encompasses a group of operations on the alar base including alar wedges and even Weir resections. These operations are basically used to narrow the nostrils and/or the alar base. With that in mind I cannot think of a circumstance where "alarplasty" would be used to widen the nose. Your perception that your new nose is larger must be due to postop swelling and should definitely improve over time. Whether or not it is what you expected will only be determined in the future when all swelling is gone.

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