Is is Possible for my Nose to Become Like This? (photo)

I hate the droop, the wide tip and the hump. Im thinkingg about getting a nos job this summer but could are my expectations possible. These are quick morphs, but you get what nose l want .

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The changes that you demonstrate with the morphing program are  achievable with rhinoplasty.  The concerns that you have with your nose are fairly common and relatively straight forward.  Good luck.

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Possible rhinoplasty outcome

The greatest limitation on the thinness of the nose on frontal view will be the thickness of your skin. Very thick skin limits how narrow a nose can be, but for most people with average to thin skin, those frontal results are quite realistic.

My only critique of your morphs would be the profile view. It looks a little too scooped, a little too upturned, and the radix (the root of the nose where it meets the brow) is a little too low. These are all minor things, of course, but I'd recommend seeing a surgeon who uses morphing software so that you and your surgeon can play around with the pictures and agree on a goal ahead of time.

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Rhinoplasty expectations with computer imaging

 The photographs presented do appear to be realistic expectations. Narrowing the bulbous tip,  removal of any dorsal hump, narrowing the bridge line and slightly raising the tip are all routine maneuvers performed in the field rhinoplasty. Virtual rhinoplasty software is available on our website along with our rhinoplasty photo gallery link below

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Rhinoplasty and morphing

It is certainly possible to thin the bulbous tip and reduce the dorsum of your nose.  i can;t guarantee that it will be as thin as your morphed photos.  An exam in person is key. You will have to be patient for the tip swelling to settle down which could take up to a year.

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