What Can Be Done for Mild Pollybeak Deformity?

I am seven months post op after a closed rhinoplasty. When I first got it done, my nose was perfect. I looked beautiful. But now I see the beginnings of a slight Polly beak deformity. What can be done? I do not want to end up looking deformed.

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Pollybeak deformity after rhinoplasty

Pollybeak deformity can be caused by a few different things.  You should see your surgeon to determine what the cause is, because this determines the appropriate course of action.  If you have thick skin, the fullness may be from an exuberant healing response.  If this is the case, your surgeon can inject steroid into the area to improve the fullness.  If the deformity is from a change in the underlying cartilage, you should wait until a year after surgery to consider surgery.

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7 Months and Pollybeak Deformity

  7 months after rhinoplasty you still have a few more months to heal before contemplating a revision.  At that time, you may need residual cartilage removed and/or additional tip work.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Mild pollybeak deformity treatment

There are several causes of pollybeak deformity. Scar under the tip skin, persistent septal cartilage and loss of tip support are common causes.

You should visit with your surgeon to get your nose checked out and see if there is anything that can be done. Steroid injections sometimes help depending on the cause.

You can learn more about pollybeak deformity treatment at my web reference link below.

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Mild polly beak deformity

At 7 months you are still probably swollen. I would let the swelling dissipate and then re-evlaute in at least 4-5 more months.

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Mild Pollybeak Deformity

The pollybeak deformity is caused by inadequate tip projection and/or fullness above the tip. I need to see pictures but this can be corrected.

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Poly-beak nasal deformity 7 months post op

There can be many causes for this. But if it is scarring then injection of high concentration of steroid would be best. I do it monthly for 3 months.


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