Can Scalp Hair be Transplanted to the Leg?

For Men with No Hair on Their Legs, Can Scalp Hair Be Transplanted to the Leg?

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Scalp hair to leg

Yes, you can populate your leg with scalp hair. I have done hair transplants from the scalp to almost anywhere in the body (chest, public area, beard, etc..) What I require is a good communication with the patient

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Scalp hair can be transplanted to the leg or any other parts of the body.

Scalp hair can be transplanted to the leg or any other parts of the body.  Many people have these types of requests.  The issue is how much hairs would be needed to achieve the desired look and how much donor hair is available. 

Jae Pak, MD
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FUE, BHT and FHT hair transplants

Yes, this is possible with advanced methods of FUE. FUE uses head hair as a donor source so if there is an adequate supply, hair can be transplanted to the leg. There are also two additional options. Body hair transplantation (BHT) uses non-head donor areas for grafting hair follicles from the chest, stomach, arms and legs. Facial hair transplantation (FHT) is when facial or beard hair is also used. This advanced transplantation requires more skill and precision than other FUE methods since body, facial and head hair vary greatly. Facial hair tends to be the highest caliber of body hair, with beard hair typically providing the greatest yield regarding long-term graft survival. Keep in mind facial and body hair acts and looks differently than head hair. It remains the same in terms of growth and volume. However, an experienced surgeon understands the innate characteristics of body hair and makes placements accordingly. In this link you would find an instance from six years ago where I used thigh hair to replenish leg hair loss in a past patient of mine.

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Can scalp hair be transplanted to the leg?

Technically yes, but remember the hair will have different texture.  Body hair and scalp hair are very different.

Jack Fisher, MD
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