Is It Ok for a Medical Aesthetician to Perform Pixel Perfect Laser?

I bought an online voucher for Pixel Perfect laser resurfacing and made an appointment for this weekend. In looking over the fine print, I saw that it is valid only for appointments with either a medical aesthetician or an RN. There is a doctor in the medspa as well. My appointment is with the aesthetician. I'm wondering if I should reschedule with the RN for this procedure or if it's safe to go ahead and have the aesthetician do it. Thanks.

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Who Performs Pixel?

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My feeling is the only the person who can handle the complication should perform the procedure. In the case of an Erbium YAG laser, the most common complication is a burn (although it is rare). In the state of Florida (and I believe California), the person performing the laser must be a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, or physician. In my offices, I am the only one performing the Pixel since I don't feel anyone else can handle the potential complications. Incidentally, I also take care of complications of other doctors who should not be performing the procedure.

Can Laser Treatments be Peformed by Aestheticians?

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Hi Christy.  In California, laser procedures cannot be performed by an aesthetician.  It's required to have a medical license of RN or higher to perform the treatments. 

Also, the Pixel treatment is considered an ablative treatment and can have serious side effects if not done correctly.  If we were in your shoes, we would go to the consultation first to make sure you are comfortable with this office and that they know their stuff and are performing the procedures legally.  It's not the type of procedure we would normally see associated with a Groupon type purchase.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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