For how long will I have discomfort and some pain after BA specially getting up after I seating down or laying down?

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Pain after BA

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Most patients experience a moderate degree of pain for about two weeks or less.  Talk to your surgeon because they may be able to prescribe medication to control the pain.

Pain after breast augmentation last 3-4 days over the muscle, a week to 10 days under the muscle

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Thank you for your question. Your pain level after breast augmentation will depend on many factors, including your pain tolerance and the amount of trauma during your surgery. Generally speaking an expeditious technically proper breast augmentation will be less painful than 1 performed by a less experienced surgeon.

That said however there is also a significant difference in pain level comparing a breast augmentation done under the breast gland compared to a breast augmentation done beneath the chest muscle.

Generally speaking patients experience discomfort for 3-4 days when the breast implant is placed beneath the breast gland. When the breast implant is placed beneath the chest muscle discomfort can last a week to 10 days.

You will be given pain medications to control this discomfort and most patients tolerated this procedure very well from a pain standpoint.

The key to avoiding pain is to minimize the use of your upper body and arms as much as possible.

For how long will I have discomfort after breast augmentation surgery?

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Most patients will have discomfort requiring pain medication for 3-5 days. After 5 days, most patients do fine with OTC pain medication like tylenol or advil for up to 10 days.

I use an On-Q pain pump for all my patients and it has really reduced the need for oral narcotics post-op. We have been able to reduce pain by 75% compared to breast augmentation without the pump.

Hope this helps

Kenneth Bermudez, MD
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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Breas aug pain

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Hard to answer well. Everyone has a different pain threshold. You will probably be fine after 2 weeks.

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