Is it possible for juverderm in lips to inadvertently cause creasing in nasolabial folds?

I'm 2 mos post injection of 1.5 syringe juvederm in top and bottom lips. My Dr had to go higher with the injection on one side of upper lip to make my lips more symmetrical bc I have natural asymmetry. A few weeks later I began noticing creases from nose to my mouth that weren't there before lip injection. Is it possible that the product placed slightly above lip border is causing increased nasolabial fold prominence? Do I just wait it out in hopes it returns to normal once product dissolves?

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New creases after filler to the lips

I have seen some people get a new crease or groove lateral to the angle of the mouth, after filling the lip.  I believe that this may happen because you still have volume loss or deflation lateral to the lips.  I would have your MD try putting a little more filler in the new groove, or in the upper cheek for lift of the nasolabial folds.

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