Is It Possible for Invisalign to Change the Bite?

I have invisalign and noticed my bite changing, my upper right canine incisor (?) tooth no longer meets my bottom teeth when I bite down. Also, when I am speaking sometimes my bottom teeth will hit the back of my front teeth which seems abnormal. I am not sure if this is something worth worrying about or if is it just me getting used to speaking without the retainers in place. Also, after wearing the retainers for 8 weeks ; my bottom tooth will shift within just 4 hours. Is that normal?

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Is It Possible for Invisalign to Change the Bite?

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment, and as you are going through the process your bite will change. Some teeth will contact some will not, but nothing for you to worry about. It will feel that way until you are done completely with treatment. we have our patients wear their last set of aligners for two months with out any movement to give the chance to teeth to final settle in with each other and then they wear the retainers just at night forever. Just make sure after you are done with treatment and it has been at least 2 months that your bite is comfortable. Always talk to your dentist about any concerns

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