Is It Possible for a HP Silicone Implant to Remain Stuck Under the Muscle?

I had my BA 3 weeks ago. I opted for 350 cc mentor silicone hp. I thought the sizers in this size were perfect. I was not told that I would lose some size once they were in my body (as the sizers were not actual implants, but breast replicas) Now they are still high, and I have loose skin under my breast. i am really hoping that when thet drop and fluff that this will be fixed and will be closer to the size I had in mind. Any suggestions? I am 5 ft 5in and 125 pounds with a small athletic build

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Wait 3-4 months before assessing results

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I think you'll have to wait for until about 3-4 months after your surgery to assess your results. If you're just 3 weeks after surgery, your breasts have not settled yet. 

Give the implants time to stretch out the muscle and fall into position

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Your appearance is temporary and will resolve over the next few weeks.  The fullness of the superior margin of the breast is the top part of the pectoralis muscle.  Give it time and the implants will settle into position.  Time, Weight and Gravity are on your side.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Stuck Implants

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Photos would be helpful to give you the best answer.  You are 3 weeks out, maybe a superior (upper pole) band to help settle the implant may be warranted.

Dr. ES

High implants

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Without seeing you or at least photos, it is very difficult to assess your concerns. I will say that implants can take a few months to drop.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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High Breast Implants

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Three weeks is very early in the post-op period. Implants often appear high at this stage. Usually as edema resolves, and the breast softens, the implant appears to drop lower in the breast. This usually occurs over aperiod of from 6 weeks to four months.

I recommend that you follow the advise of your PS and give it some time to resolve on its own. 

Eugene J. Sidoti, Jr., MD
Scarsdale Plastic Surgeon

HP Silicone Implant Stuck under the Muscle

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 At 3 weeks after surgery, the breast implants may still be high.  With vigorous massage and time, they may well drop significantly and fill the loose skin you are seeing.  Allow 3 to 6 months for this to occur.  Good luck.

Breast Implants Too High

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Hi Betty,

  • It generally takes 6-8 weeks for the breasts to "soften and settle" after implants. You will see additional changes for several more months after that.
  • Ask your PS if he recommends "massage" and/or elastic compression to assist the settling process.
  • You will very likely feel much better about your appearance in a few more weeks.

Thanks for your question and good luck!

Stephen M. Lazarus, MD
Knoxville Plastic Surgeon

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