What can be done for horizontally uneven eyes and different eye shape? (photo)

I noticed I've had this for a very long time (15+yrs - I'm a 45yoF) but it has been more pronounced and very noticeable in the past 5 years...even more so when I'm tired. What can be done for this?

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uneven eyes and different eye shape

You have droopy upper eyelids, that is worse on the left side. The medical condition is called Eyelid Ptosis ( toe-sis). It is due to weakening of the eyelid muscle and tendon that lifts and opens your eyelids. It is an age related change and eventually everyone gets it. It is likely you were born with a weak muscle and with ageing the process accelerated hence it is evident in your 40s ( normally it is seen in your 60s).You should see a Plastic Surgeon who can correct your ptosis. It is a Surgical Operation and within 3 months you will notice your eyebrows become even

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​Potential causes of different eye shape (horizontal uneven eyes)

Patients with “uneven eyes” may have significant anxiety due to the asymmetry that this physical finding may cause to the overall facial appearance.

Changes in the structures that give the appearance to the eyes could explain potential unevenness: Changes in the muscle that elevates the upper lid (a.k.a. eyelid ptosis), decrease in the amount of fat of the area around the eye ( a.k.a. periorbital fat atrophy), decrease of the bone stock of the eye socket ( a.k.a.progressive facial hemiatrophy) could be potential causes of “eye unevenness” . Diagnosis based on pictures could be inaccurate. An small degree of rotation may suggest one cause in stead of other.

Patients with “eye unevenness” should highly be evaluated (undergo physical exam) by a board certified plastic surgeon and/or a board certified craniofacial surgeon to determine the potential cause of this finding.

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You have bilateral upper eyelid ptosis.

The principle difference is that there is more dehiscence of the anterior levator aponeurosis in the left upper eyelid. This causes more of the upper eyelid fat that is associated with the levator to be pulled up into the orbit compare to the right side. Ptosis surgery can sometimes help pull this fat back into the upper eyelid thereby improving symmetry.

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