For a Healthy Adult Male, is There a Special Diet Recommended with Accutane?

Given optimal lab results to begin with, is there a special diet recommended with a course of accutane for adult males (mid 30s)? Additionally, can/should minocyn be used during the initial month or two of an accountant course to minimize early flare ups? What are the risks? Lastly, saw the answers regarding avoiding elective cosmetic surgery while on accutane, but what about non-cosmetic elective, specifically a vasectomy?

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Recommended Diet on Accutane

Although Accutane is best absorbed with a food that has high fat content such as ice cream, a low fat and low cholesterol diet is recommended during the treatment course.  Accutane can elevate triglyceride and cholesterol levels so avoiding cholesterol laden foods should help minimize such elevations in the lipid profile. As always, discuss dietary recommendations with your board certified dermatologist as every patient's condition is unique.

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