What Can Be Done for Hairloss for Women Between 50-60 Years?

This is for my Mom who is suffering severe hair loss problem. She is not interested in hair transplantation.She wants a natural remedy that doesn't involve chemicals. One more thing about her is that she uses hair dye once in 2-3 weeks. I doubt if that is the cause.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss in women is frequently caused by a shift in hormones around middle age.  Many things can contribute to the hair loss.  Often spironolactone, which blocks some of the androgen hormone effects, can be helpful for this kind of hair loss.  It is taken long term with relatively low doses and the side effects for most people are minimal.

As use of estrogen supplementation (which can also be helpful) has fallen off over the last years due its possible role in cancers and clotting disorders, spironolactone use has increased steadily.  

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Natural remedies for hair loss

Your mom may wish to consider having a complete examination by a dermatologist. There are 100 reasons to lose hair. Depending on the cause of the hair loss, the treatment may be completely different. 

There are many natural remedies for hair loss. Unfortunately, most of them don't work all that well. Be sure to see a physician who treats 1000s of patients with hair loss to understand all the options. 

Natural Hair Treatment Options

Well, in theory she is already using chemicals on her hair... If she does not want chemicals then it sounds like medications are out.  Hair transplant is actually a natural way of "thickening" ones hair because it is using the patient's own tissue just moving it to a different location.  Of course, a consult is needed to make sure she is a candidate and to review her medical issues but certainly a transplant could be a good option.  Good luck!

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Hairloss for Women Age 50-60

Fifteen percent of the patients I do hair transplants on are women.  They have to be patients with a specific type of hair loss where they have excellent donor hair on the back of the head but are bald on top.  If this is the type of hair loss your mom has there is no simple remedy because the follicles are already gone. 

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