What is Better for Gum Recession on 4 Front Teeth: Tissue Grafting or AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix (RTM)?

I have gum recession on 4 teeth only due to harsh brushing. Want to do something about it i plan to do invisalign soon (teeth not aligned). Dentist who will do my invisalign agreed for me to go to another doctor for grafting first because he does not do grafting. I did some research and found that these are my two alternatives: grafting or alloderm. What do you think? Alloderm seems easier to recover from, right? Thank you!

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Grafting is done with your tissue or alloderm (a dermal matrix).  Your tissue invovles an additional site of surgery while alloderm does not.  Generally speaking patients complain more about the grafted site then the site where the graft came from.  Your tissue provides cells while the dermal maxtrix is acellular.  Ultimately the thickness of the graft is greater with your tissue.  Thicker tissue results is less recession and tends to stay around longer.  Regardless you can not make a wrong decision just a more educated one.

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