I Am Looking for a Great Body Dr Closer to Home (Florida)? (photo)

I need a great body dr that can take this 54 yo body and get lipo, lifts, tucks.I have been through cancer surgery and now have great breasts and want the lower half to match. I love my dr but he is 3 1/2 hours from me so I wanted to have a couple other consults with drs closer but need some great recommendations. Not sure how good results I am going to get with the thighs/lipo alone and sure I need a tummy tuck. Any personal experiences with drs or their work you have seen would be very helpfu

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First of all, congratulations on being a cancer surviver. It is the most important thing.

Second, you are welcome to drive over to Gainesville for an opinion.

It does not look like you have significant excess fat in your lateral thighs( saddle bags) or butocks which is very important for you.

Liposuction would be a good start for your abdomen, "muffin top" and inside of your thighs. The tummy tuck would in my view come later.

Best wishes

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From your pictures it looks as though a tummy tuck and some hip/thigh liposuction would improve your proportionality and body aesthetics.  Any well qualified and board certified plastic surgeon should be able to help provide a good result.  Interview a few surgeons, make sure to see a comprehensive portfolio of his or her work, and choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable.

Probably anyone who answers this would love to see you.  I am in Tampa and would be happy to provide an opinion. 

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