How Do I Ask for Free Revision Surgery?

I recently had an earlobe reduction, and there is absolutely NO noticeable difference in the size. The only change is that my earlobe is now attached to the side of my head. When I went in for my consult, the doctor and I both agreed that leaving my ear unattached rather than attached to the side of my head would look better. He even stated that in his opinion unattached looks better! I'm not a very confrontational person by nature, so I want some advice on how to ask for a free revision.

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How to Ask for Free Revisionary Surgery?

Your best bet is to approach your plastic surgeon in a calm  and constructive fashion,  explaining the reasons for your request. Make sure you view your before and after photographs;  sometimes patients forget their starting point and don't  appreciate the degree of improvement that was achieved with a given procedure.

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Earlobe surgery revisions

Dear klindsey,

  • You can just ask nicely and give a reason for your request
  • The most powerful word is the word "because" so if you use it correctly it should be fine
  • You can state that you had a different expectation and that you expected for the ear to be unattached.  If he could please fix it, you would greatly appreciate it
  • Just be nice, persistent, and avoid confrontations, you catch more flies with honey than vinegar

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