How much for a Facelift in Australia?

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Facelift Cost in Australia

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The cost of a facelift depends on several factors, such as the surgeon, surgical facility, technique applied, and extent of correction desired. You can easily find pricing on many surgeon's websites, however I recommend you find a surgeon based on their experience, reputation and credentials first, rather than how much they charge. A facelift is a procedure that can be quite invasive and requires expertise to achieve the results you want.

Financing is available with monthly payment plans from a couple hundred dollars.


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The cost for surgery depends very importantly in the geographical location. The credential of the surgeons is not the most determined factor in the cost but rather where. For example the cost of surgery in the central California compare to the bay area can increase 40% with doctors with equivalent credentials. In Australia the cost of surgery can almost double the average price from the U.S.  In Mexico the price can be 50% of the cost from the U.S

Cost of a facelift in Australia

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The cost is calculated on the combination of surgeons fee, anaesthesia fee and facility fee.
Beware being quoted only the surgeons fee alone as private hospitals can give you a nasty
surprise when you are discharged..
Time taken is a big factor slow surgeons and inexperienced are expensive in the long run.
Your age and the problems associated which have to be corrected are of course factors.
The total range could be 12000 -20000 for an experienced facelift surgeon in a licenced day surgery hospital.
I hope this helps.

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