Looking for Experienced Doctor Performing Fully Ablative CO2 Laser (Midwest Preferably) at All?

I believe that fully ablative CO2 laser would be the best procedure for me. I have extremely shallow scarring and would like to just have one treatment done, I dont want to pay for numerous treatments with other lasers. Look for an experienced Laser surgeon that has performed this procedure for many many years. Also, any references to any doctors that may be able to help me out would be greatly appreciated as well.

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RealSelf.com has a CO2 Laser topic page, where you can find doctors, costs, Q&A, and user experiences regarding CO2 Laser. Here is the Link:


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Dr. Shan Baker for Midwest CO2 laser resurfacing

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Dr. Shan Baker at University of Michigan would be a great person for you to see. He has many years of experience and has published extensively about traditional CO2 laser resurfacing. He's also taught many, many fellows (myself included) how to use the CO2 laser safely. I hope this is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

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