Is there a doctor in Westchester county NY for hyaluronidase injections?

I have been injected with an excessive uneven amount of Perlane to my nasal folds and around corners of my mouth...distorting my appearance

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Hyaluronidase should be in the office of every physician who does filler injections

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Hyaluronidase should be in the office of any physician (or injector) who does fillers. While this product is slightly expensive, it is a necessary part of properly treating filler patients to have this on-hand should there be a need for it. It can only be given to physicians though, hence the reason that those less qualified don't always have this available. Personally, I wouldn't recommend seeing anyone who doesn't have this! Look on the RealSelf website for physicians in your area and simply call to ask if they have it. While many are reluctant to start dissolving fillers on patients they didn't put the filler into, many physicians will still treat you, as long as you understand and agree.

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