I Am Looking for Doctors with Experience in Botox Injections for Clenching Jaws in and Around Boston?

I am clenching my teeth at night and night-guards seem not to help. I had a dental implant that is aching recently due to clenching my teeth. I fear that will cause an implant failure. I would like to try botox for my problem of clenching teeth during sleep however, I do not know where to begin when looking for a professional with experience in this specifis area in Boston area

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Botox for jaw clenching

You need Botox injected into the lower masseter muscles.

It is important that the Botox injection be low, below the imaginary line between your lower earlobe and corner of the mouth. The office of any Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Boston - and there are many - should be able to help you. Dr. Thomas Cochran is a long-established and excellent plastic surgeon. His office should be able to help or refer you.

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