I Am Looking for a Doctor That Specializes in Correcting Liposuction Deformities? (photo)

I had poor liposuction with a partial belt lipectomy in June of 2010, it has left me with many irregularities and deformities due to both procedures. At this time I am looking for a doctor that can help restore my body as much as possible. I am including photos that I feel comfortable showing I can send more via mail if I feel comfortable with a particular doctor. I was lied to by my previous surgeon with lines like "you'll be able to cover your scar with a string bikini," so very skepitical.

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Liposuction deformity correction

Liposuction can leave irregularities which can be very difficult to repair.  The MOST difficult of these are areas of over resection.  The quality of the scar from belt lipectomy is variable.  Based on the pictures you have included you may be a candidate for scar revision and liposuction revision.  

I have found a very useful tool for liposuction revision is using a specific type of liposuction cannula without suction to help break up scar tissue and retained fat.  Some of the additional fat that you would like to remove can theoretically be used as micro fat grafting to the areas which have been over treated.  This is something I have learned along the way and is not unique to my practice but does require specific techniques and equipment.

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