Will a doctor perform mild congenital ptosis repair and epicanthoplasty simultaneously? (photo)

I had blepharoplasty (Asian Double Eyelids) performed before. I do not like the droopy eyelid look. I believe tightening my eyelid muscle will raise my eyelid up... I have to consciously lift my eyelids and when I lift my eyelids... my epicanthal folds stretch up and hide my inner eye corners. Photo is when I am relaxed, not consciously lifting eyelids.

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It is possible to do epicanthoplasty and ptosis surgery simultaneously, but there are caveats in both specialized procedures

Ptosis means drooping of the eyelid in terms of its position relative to the center of the eye called the pupil. When we do ptosis surgery, it involves a muscle called the levator muscle. When we do the procedure, we let the patients cooperate for the most critical part which is getting the right height, position and contour. That in itself has its own set of risks and benefits. Although I have been doing this for over 20 years, I still have occasional patients who need enhancements if the eyelid is too high or too low. The levator muscle is very sensitive to any adjustment so the patient must be prepared for a second procedure.

Epicanthoplasty is another procedure that involves the epicanthal fold which defines the Asian eyelid anatomy. Some people want that fold reduced to make the eyes look more close together, wider apart and more open. However, even done with experienced hands, there is a possibility of scarring. This is because epicanthoplasty involves several very small incisions in the inner corner skin of the epicanthal fold. Even if it’s flat, it might be visually perceptible. So that requires evaluation of skin quality and the discussion about the predictability of what kind of scars you are willing to accept.

Although there are many procedures that can be combined with ptosis surgery including an epicanthoplasty, you really need a physical exam to get an opinion that will be of any value. It is possible that ptosis surgery and epicanthoplasty can be done simultaneously, but you must understand that there is a possibility that you may need enhancement after the surgery. I recommend that you meet with specialist such as an oculoplastic cosmetic surgeon who does a lot of Asian eyelid surgery and is experienced with epicanthoplasty. I hope that was helpful, I wish you the best of luck, and thank you for your question.

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Ptosis and Asian eyelid surgery.

her situation is unique in that you need someone who is both an effective eyelid reconstructive surgery as well as very experience with Asian eyelid surgery.  I'm not totally clear what your questions are and I can't tell for certain by her photographs that you truly have ptosis.  I'll attach some information that he may find helpful.  Sorry couldn't be of more assistance at this time

Chase Lay, MD

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Congital ptosis and epicanthoplasty

 I think if you do both at the same time,  you may have to make some trade-offs.  But that doesn't suggest that it is not recommended to work on both.  Keep in mind that there may need greater scars with the epicanthoplasty procedure, than with ptosis repair alone.  Seek out a surgeon from the directory of Asoprs.org 

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