I Am Looking for a Doctor in the Vancouver Area for Smart Lipo and if Needed a Tummy Tuck?

I am really nervous because how do i find out which doctor does the most tummy tucks? as i hear that the doctor that does the most is more experienced. I have hyperthyroid, is it safe for me to have lipo and tummy tuck. i have had two kids via c sections which were easy for me to recover from but i had to stay in the hosiptal for two days. Tummy tuck being such a big procedure, it scares me that there is no over night stay in a hospital and also the calgary woman died after tummy tuck.

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How to choose a plastic surgeon for tummy tuck and lipo

You are right in that a tummy tuck is a significant operation but most of them are done safely on an outpatient basis. A plastic surgeon who does both tummy tucks and lipo will be in the best position to advise you on which is better. There are many non-plastic surgeons who do only lipo, but because they lack the capability to do tummy tucks they may not want to refer out when that is the better choice. As for the lipo, the most important thing is the skill and the experience of the surgeon, not whether it is smart lipo, slim lipo, smooth lipo, tickle lipo, VASER lipo, waterjet lipo, or any other clever brand.

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