Looking for Doctor in Denver Area Experienced in Treating Radiesse Lumps with Saline/lidocaine Method? (photo)

I had radiesse injected by a highly trained nurse into nasolabials. Immediate swelling.3rd day I had a lump under my eye. Never injected under eye.Nine weeks later, It's still there.I was told it was swelling and to ice it. Next visit was told gentle massage and warm compresses. Have been to 3 different docs. 1st one tried medrol dose pack. 2nd one wanted CT scan and to cut it out. 3rd doc wouldn't even TALK to me without $250! Wondering if the swelling caused the radiesse to move up under eye?

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Looking for Doctor in Denver Area Experienced in Treating Radiesse Lumps

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I am obviously very sorry for the problems you're having.  The good news is that while Radiesse is long-lasting, it is not permanent.  It looks like it's going away over time and that's the best thing to be said.  I'm not sure that there's much else you can do aside from what you've already done, but I can't say that for sure, and certainly not without being able to examine you, as well as knowing exactly what was injected (how much, which regions, etc).

However, you should not have to go through this on your own.  You should stay in touch with your plastic surgeon for continuity and for continued assistance - you can ask him or her to help you find other doctors who may have more experience and who can help.   You can also contact doctors who post answers on RealSelf and, finally, the Consumer Division of Merz, which makes Radiesse.  It is an excellent product and I would expect them be responsive and to try to help facilitate a referral to an experienced provider near you.

I hope that this helps and good luck,

Dr. E

Radiesse lumps after treatment to NLF lines

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Radiesse absolutely cannot move from the NLF lines up to the tear trough area and side of the nose, with or without swelling. This is an infection, not Radiesse. A Medrol dose pack wasn't the right prescription to treat the type of infection you have. Look on RealSelf.com and find Radiesse physicians in your area. We can't specifically recommend people in our comments, but there are doctors in the Denver area that inject Radiesse. One of them is bound to be able to see you and treat this infection properly.

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