Looking for a dentist who specializes in dental implants.

I live in the Sarasota, Fl area but willing to drive, just not out of the state. I am looking for someone with kind of a good price. Is in my upper mouth (first premolar) which is the one next towards the back behind the canine one.
You can search for doctors, read reviews and view before and afters in the Dental Implant community. Here's a quick link to cosmetic dentists in Florida.

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Implant specialty qualifications

There is a definite hierarchy of training for dental implants even though there is no specialty recognized by the ADA. Most of the highly qualified dentists who are very capable have gone through internships, residencies, advanced programs of a year or longer to be able to treat the advanced cases. Only simple cases should be attempted by most dentists. Membership and credentialing by the AAID, ICOI, the Misch Institute and the like are steps in that direction. Experience  of the dentist is another important part of the fact-finding you may want to do. Many specialists in oral surgery and periodontics place implants but do not restore them. Many dentists restore implants but do not place them. Look for a place with a track record.

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