What Can I Do for Coloration of Dermabraded Area?

Dermabrasion to treat a childhood scar on forehead about 1.5 yr ago. The scar is ~2" vertical, depressed in center and raised on periphery. Dermabrasion improved the scar >50%. The dermabraded area has noticeably lighter pigmentation. 41 yo, male, blue eyes, blond hair and a darker skin tone. Had the procedure done in fall, avoided UV and regulary used sunscreen to mitigate pigmentation changes. What else could I do? Would it be safe to expose area to sun? I tan very easily. Surgeon has retired.

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Hypopigmentation after dermabrasion

Unfortunately, one of the permanent complications of dermabrasion is hypopigmentation. There are no good remedies, however if you keep the skin around it as light as possible by using strong SPF sunscreens and lightening agents like hyrdroquinone, Retin-A and others it will not look so noticeable. Tanning will probably make it more visible as the skin around the area will turn darker

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Since your surgeon is retired, the best place to start is with The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), to locate a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area to consult with regarding your issue. 

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