For clear len exchange which is the best lens acrysof/tecnis/crystalens?

I am extreme hyperopia

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Dr. Dello Russo responds:

  Possible choices: 

  1- LASIK can treat up to +6.00.  

   2- ICL - intraocular contact lens. Placing an artificial lens into the eye. In front of the natural lens of the eye. The natural lens is NOT removed. Your eye must be able to allow the contact lens to fit safely.   
   This  procedure takes an especially skilled surgeon who performs this surgery very often, so as to not only place the lens but also choose the lens power.

   3- lens exchange. Most cataract surgeons can perform this surgery. It is the same as doing cataract surgery. 

   Best advice. Don't count out LASIK. Surgeons who don't do LASIK will lean toward lens insertion. LASIK surgeons may favor LASIK. 

   It would be best to find a surgeon who does all three procedures so he can choose which is best for  you. 

New York Ophthalmologist

Clear Lens Exchange Implant Recommendation

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I think Clear Lens Exchange(removal of the human lens and implanting a synthetic lens) is a great procedure for extreme hyperopia (farsightedness). I think the best implanted lenses with this procedure are the Tecnis and Restor lens.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

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