Should I Ask for Re-do of Chin Implant to Be Screwed in Place So I Dont Get the Same Crooked Result?

i had a chin implant placed 5 years ago. it is crooked. my doctor wants to take it out and wait 8 weeks before replacing it so the pocket heals and it doesnt fall into the same pocket. i would prefer to have only one more procedure. should i ask to have it screwed in place so it cant fall back into the same pocket? are there other options?

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Chin Implant Revision with Screw Fixation

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This chin implant revision could be done as as single stage event. You will need two screws to properly stabilize the implant from rotation, one on each side of its midline position.

Chin Implant Replacement

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Thanks for the question. Either of these options should lead to a satisfactory result. If the implant is crooked, it will need to be secured in a tighter pocket or with a screw. Placement of one or two screws to anchor the implant is a reasonable alternative to having two procedures.

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