Is It Possible for a Chin Implant to Only Change the Profile if You're Only Looking for Projection of the Chin?

I recently posted photos on here of my receding chin. Most of the suggestions included a chin implant but after reading the reviews on this site it makes me very nervous. I really want to change my profile but I don't want to alter the front view of my face or my smile. Is this possible to do? I'm a woman so am only looking for a small change to keep things subtle and feminine. I'm also wondering if those close to me will notice that I've had it done? I would prefer to keep it a secret.

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Subtle Chin Augmentation

A small central button style chin implant will produce a profile change without making your chin wider in the front view. Surprisingly many facial changes are not specifically noticed by others even when they are modestly signficant. People know your face as an overall image or more of a gestalt view, rather than knowing how any single one facial feature appears.

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Is It Possible for a Chin Implant to Only Change the Profile if You're Only Looking for Projection of the Chin?

   The short answer is no.  However, the vast majority of people will not be able to tell that chin implant placement has been performed.  Usually, the result is subtle unless you want something more dramatic.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Is It Possible for a Chin Implant to Only Change the Profile if You're Only Looking for Projection of the Chin?

 In that case, it's best to use an anatomical Chin Implant that will create a more aesthetic chin contour.  It's best to place the Chin Implant through an incision under the chin and not inside the mouth.  Hope this helps.

Francis R. Palmer, III, MD
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Chin implant only change projection of the chin

 Chin implants come in  a variety of sizes and shapes which is determined at the time the consultation with  your surgeon. Old style, short chin implants which were popular 30 years ago can simply augment the projection with only minimal side profile augmentation.These old type implants  can make the chin look  quite pointy, and are rarely used any longer. Most in implants are placed today give additional side augmentation as well as vertical height when they're placed, due to the three-dimensional nature of the mandible bone.   To see examples of what a chin implant can accomplish please see our photo gallery below

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Changes from a chin implant

Most chin implants will change the appearance of the profile ppicture  but not of the frontal picture view. However, the augmented chin is a 3 dimensional object and will subltly change your live apppearance for the better. People see you from many perspectives, and the goal of chin augmentation is to improve the appearance in a subtle way.

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Chin implant to alter your profile

good morning Nikki

Generally speaking this is possible though I would say the few of you from the front would change slightly. It is certainly possible to place an implant in such a way that only changes the profile but there's always get a be some change to you in the front. Most experienced surgeons should be able to deliver this result for you and just ensure that you and the surgeon on the same page as far as the plan goes and what your goals are. That being said, it would be important for you to visit with a few surgeons to ensure that what you are trying to achieve is possible because in some cases your specific goals may not be practical given your anatomy.

Start there in your discussions with surgeons and I'm sure you'll do fine.  Chase Lay MD

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Is It Possible for a Chin Implant to Only Change the Profile if You're Only Looking for Projection of the Chin?

It is possible, with a properly selected size and shape, to mainly alter chin projection without creating the appearance of a larger chin on the front view. Also, the chin is not the focal point of our faces (the eyes are). Thus, a properly selected chin implant and properly executed procedure should create subtle results that should not give away what you've had done. People might ask you what is different about you but they are typically not drawn to the change in your chin. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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Chin implant choices

Chin implants are available in different styles and sizes, so it is possible to have chin augmentation to just achieve a subtle change.  You would need to be seen in person to determine what style and size of implant might work best to help you achieve your goal.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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