Is It True That for Bridging a Tooth Only Neibhoured Teeth Are Needed? Cant It Be Done With Back Teeth?

my 1 front tooth is missin.. i constulted a implantologist.. he told me that.. the my bone is too weak so.. implant cant be done... he told me to go for bridging... is it needed that... in bridging..only nearby tooth r affected.. cant it be done.. with d back side teeth.. two milk teeth are not broken n i got two permanent tooth on the upper jaws.. cant d briding be done with these teeth..

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Dental bridges require teeth on each side of the missing tooth

Photos would help here to understand what you mean.  A dental bridge uses teeth on each side of a missing tooth, and requires covering the entire tooth.  Some have done Maryland bridges (covering only the back side of the tooth) but more have failed than have succeeded (that I have seen).  The teeth are covered similar to two Styrofoam or red Solo cups fit over each other.  Anything less will fall off.

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