Is It Possible for Bonding to Do This to my Teeth? (photos)

Is this possible with bonding and how much would it probably cost?

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Can Bonding Close Spaces and Enhance a Smile?

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Bonding can accomplish what you show in the photos.  It depends on your unique situation, however as porcelain veneers should at least be considered for longevity and improved esthetics.

Ontario Dentist

It Is Possible to Have Bonding Accomplish What You Want

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In the hands of an extremely talented, artistic, experienced, and probably expensive cosmetic dentist, that can be accomplished with bonding. Most dentists would do it with Porcelain Veneers, however.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

Is It Possible for Bonding to Do This (close spaces and make them whiter) to my Teeth?

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Bonding is a great conservative way to change the look of front teeth.  From your photo you look like you have "peg-shaped" lateral incisors. When those teeth next to the front teeth formed, they came out too small and pointy. 

It looks like you have had a computer smile simulation done-great idea! The results I see would better be accomplished with porcelain veneers rather than bonding. There are very few people who can do bonding as extensively as what you have shown and make it look good. Most general dentists can't do this level of bonding.

Bonding can produce some shade change, but your photo shows them much lighter. You may have difficulty getting the bonding this white.

This would be a very difficult bonding case and not inexpensive to have done. I think you will get a much better overall result with some sort of veneers.

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