Looking for a Bcps That Has Alot of Expereince with Patients with Scleroderma and Linear Morphea?

Need help finding a surgeon with a lot of experience with scleroderma and linear morphea. I assume fat transfere will be the best option to restore areas of the chin, lip, and cheek, but in my area of south Florida I cant find anyone that seems to have all that much experience. I do not have any photos with me atthis time but wouild be able to provide. Any suggestions? Thank you.

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Linear scleroderma

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Linear scleroderma is not that common that you will find a surgeon with "lots of experience". But the treatments for it are similar to other entities with volume loss, such as the normal aging face, hemifacial atrophy [Perry Romberg syndrome], or HIV associate lipoatrophy.

Linear scleroderma may also present with unilateral enophthalmos, where one eye seems smaller than the other.

All these problems are commonly treated with fat transfer. Facial plastic surgeons and Oculofacial plastic surgeons may have more experience with facial fat transfer techniques than General Plastic Surgeons. You may want to expand your scope of search.

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Fat Grafting to Face for Reconstruction

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   I have helped patients with progressive hemifacial atrophy and scleroderma with fat grafting, but this will not be common.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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