What Can Be Done for Very Bad Reaction to Hyaluronic Acid Which is Not an Infection? (photo)

huge lumps on face culture 2 times sterile drained every 24hrs every day pain swelling at injection site on antibiotics nothing helping Im scared happend 2 wks after injections

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What Can Be Done for Very Bad Reaction to Hyaluronic Acid Which is Not an Infection

I am very concerned. Who did these injections and where were they done? Who clarified it wasn't an infection, and is instead a reaction to hyaluronic acid? Why are you on antibiotics if this isn't an infection? Did you see a physician for these injections? Who saw you for the post injection problems? What type of filler was used? This is absolutely not a normal response, and something is seriously wrong. You need to find out the answers to all of these questions and be treated by a board-certified physician immediately. If you, on the off chance, are having some reaction to HA, which I don't actually think is the case because you said it happened 2 weeks after injections and an allergy would be immediate, but HA can be dissolved with hyaluronidase.

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