What to Do for an Asymmetrical Face? (photo)

Hi, I noticed in some photos that my face is very asymmetrical in the eyes area and now I just feel so self-conscious about it. Also, it seems like one half of my face is more "developed" than the other one ... you can see it if you look at my temples, one seems bigger :/ I would like to know what I can do to correct this and get a more symmetric face, especially in the eyes area. I'm really looking for help because now I just feel really really ugly :(

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Correction of Facial And Eyes Asymmetry

The asymmetries you notice are relatively minor and can be improved. You do seem to be more volume deficient in the left temple/ forehead area as well as the left cheek region. I recommend an injectable filler such as Sculptra for the left temple and left submalar (under the cheekbones) and preauricular areas to achieve more facial symmetry. In terms of your eye asymmetry, your left brow is lower than your right and this can be raised using Botox to help improve the facial balance and symmetry. 

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