How Old is Too Old for Artefill to Be Most Effective?

I am considering having Artefill for the lines around my mouth. I understand that the product works as the body creates collegan to which it binds. At 61 am I too old for Artefill to be effective?

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Too Old For ArteFill?

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Artefill works at the outset by virtue of being more or less like an injectable implant.  The filling effect is initially on that basis alone.  It is those thousands of microscopic Artefill spheres filling in the lines and folds which are responsible for improving your look.  So, yes, it should be effective for you.  As time goes by, the spheres naturally attract collagen, perpetuating the improvement and in some cases, even enhancing the look over the next couple of years.  This effect might not work as great as it might for someone younger, but it should still be a positive contributing factor for patients your age and older. 

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Artefill Treatment

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Hello and thanks for the question.


At 61 you are no too old to undergo Artefill Treatment for the management lines surrounding the mouth.  Keep in mind that Artefill is considered a permanent filler, as the PMMA microspheres, which give Artefill its longevity, are neither degraded no absorbed by the body. Hence, when considering such a filler, always seek an experienced injector who is familiar with this product, its tendencies, risks and benefits.


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Age and Artefill

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No, you are not too old to get nice results from Artefill.  The collagen response may simply not be as robust as in a younger individual.  You may require more injection stages and a little more product to get the look you want.

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