Is it possible for alloderm to be taken out of your skin?

if alloderm is put into your face it changes the skin appearance a lot and how you look dramatically after a year is it possible to be taken out if you want the appearance of your own skin on your face back

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Can Alloderm be removed from the skin

Yes, it is possible to remove this product from the skin; however, the surgical procedure can be very long and tedious and result in a post-operative depression. The surgeon and the patient must be ready to use a different type of tissue to fill the resultant defect. Various tissues in the body can be harvested to correct the depression once the Alloderm is removed. For example, fat grafts and fascia grafts are but a few of the many alternatives to replace 
Alloderm. If there is no deformity the surgeon and the patient may elect to have nothing put in place.

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