What Can Be Done for an Allergic Reaction to Restylane/botox?

First swollen upper lip, treated with cortisone and antibiotics. Now swollen left side of face, steroid shot not helping!

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What Can Be Done for an Allergic Reaction to Restylane/botox?

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I agree that it's vert rare to be allergic to either Botox or restylane so you should go to an allergist and see just what you are allergic to.

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Allergies to Botox and fillers

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It is very rare to be allergic to Botox and Restylane. I would advice to go see your doctor first and see exactly what is going on. If too much Restylane was injected, Hyaluronidase can be used. Again, it is hard to say exactly what is going on without see you in person. Dr. Behnam 

Ben Behnam, MD
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Restylane - What Can Be Done for an Allergic Reaction to Restylane/botox?

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You should see your physician.

You first have to try to determine exactly what is happening - my guess is that it's not the Botox but, instead, the Restylane injections that is causing the problems you're describing.  You can have hyaluronidase (one brand is Vitrase) injected to help "dissolve" the material but some of what you're having may be swelling from the material, as opposed to too much of the material itself.  In that case, cool compresses, steroids, anti-inflammatories are probably the way to go.

But you need to be seen by you physician to get you through this.

I hope that this helps, and good luck,

Dr. E

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This very much depends on how much swelling we are talking about.

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If this does not rapidly settle down, your doctor should consider using hyaluronidase enzyme to break down the filler product.  Allergies to BOTOX like this are rare and it sounds like you are reacting to the filler but again, this needs to be determined by your treating physician.

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