Why is my eye so puffy? (photo)

Thank you for your answers to my original question about my puffy eye.

I'm only in my 20's. Is this normal at any age? My final question is: Can there be any other explanation as to why it's so puffy? Could it just be an eye infection? Conjunctivitis? Can eye drops drain the problem area? I've been doing research for the herniated eye fat explanation, and in my findings, I'm seeing people having the issue with BOTH eyes, versus my one right eye.

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Puffy Eyelids

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There are many reasons for "puffy eyelids" and it is difficult to analyze your case based upon the lack of a detailed history and clear photographs.However, it appears that you have some sort of inflammation of the eyelids therefore you need a work-up by an oculoplastic specialist to sort out the cause for your problem.

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