27-year old with droopy/fatty eyelids. One is a bit worse than the other. What could be done to correct this? (Photo)

My eyelids seem to have a lot of fatty tissue and the left eye either is lazy or just is worse than the right. It also makes me look "angry". I would like to brighten up my eyes, but when I look at photos of those that had eyelid surgery they are all older. Also, I read that lazy eyes can't be corrected? What can I do to correct the asymmetry of my eyes.

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How to correct asymmetrical brows

Thank you for your question and photograph.  As others have mentioned the issue is asymmetry of your eyebrows with the left eyebrow being lower than the right.

I would not recommend a blepharoplasty as this could hold the brow lower.  Your very pretty young lady and I hesitate to recommend surgery.  However if you do choose to have surgery then an endoscopic brow lift is the most likely procedure to correct the problem to see.

27-year old with droopy/fatty eyelids. One is a bit worse than the other. What could be done to correct this?

    You could have a brow lift to reduce the heaviness of the brows, but I would not recommend it at your age.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Tired eyes

jessicagriffin, your photo is not exactly correctly oriented but it looks like you have brow laxity that is worse on the left than the right. You could try botox or an equivalent or see 2-3 facial plastic specialists to see if you are a candidate for an endoscopic brow lift. I would be doing a different release on both sides in an attempt to provide better symmetry. Good luck!

M. Sean Freeman, MD
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Asymmetry of eyes

The asymmetry of your eyes is actually related to the level of the eyebrows. The asymmetry of the brows can be very challenging to correct as the brows have a memory and the frontalis muscle is always trying to take the brows back to that level. 
Your options;
1. Brow lift and pull more on left side. 
2. Upper eyelid blepharoplasty and take more skin off from left upper eyelid.
3. Botox in glabella and crows feet to open up the eyes. 
Dr J
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There are several issues here.

That "droopy/fatty" eyelid is actually a very important feature so you need to be so very careful what you ask for.  Anger is expressed with the eyebrows.  Your brows are relatively low set and this is creates the impression of looking angry.  The solution for you is an endoscopic forehead surgery rather than upper eyelid surgery.  Also  "Lazy eye" refers to the condition of strabismus.  Your eyes look well aligned.  Is this what you mean?

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Treatment options for droopy eyebrow or eyelids in younger patients

Thank you for sharing your questions and photograph.

Droopy eyebrows can happen in anyone, regardless of age. While cosmetic surgery for the eyebrow is more common for "older" patients with sagging skin, a brow lift may be appropriate for select younger patients too. First, however, patients with droopy eyes should be evaluated by an ophthalmologist to help determine possible non-cosmetic reasons for the asymmetry. Here is an example of an endoscopic brow lift in a younger patient, without any upper eyelid surgery. She looks less "angry" and rejuvenated by elevating the eyebrow. Lastly, Botox is an alternative to surgery to try to elevate a droopy eyebrow too. Speak with a specialist to help determine appropriate options for you.

Dr. Chaboki

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