Is It Appropriate for Me (an 18 Year Old Girl) to Get a Lipo Laser Treatment?

My weight is proportional and I eat healthy. However,I always want a toned body , but no matter how much i exercise, I can't seem to lose an inch off my body. my waist is 27 and 4'11. At first I thought myself as needed for some counseling. I talked to them and realized, I just want to look better, healthier for my own benefits and a boost to my own esteem also as an addition. Is it appropriate for me to get the procedure done?

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Is It Appropriate for Me (an 18 Year Old Girl) to Get a Lipo Laser Treatment?

This modality may be appropriate in a healthy 18 year old. Liposuction results are highly surgeon dependent. Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs hundreds of liposuction procedures each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.

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It may be appropriate to get liposuction at 18

Liposuction is best used as a sculpting treatment and not for weight loss.  If your weight and shape are stable, Sculpting problem areas may be appropriate at 18.  It is not recommended at ages younger than 18.  Consultation with qualified doctors will help determine what benefits you can hope to acheieve and what the risks are. 

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Is It Appropriate for Me To Get A Laser Lipo Procedure?

Dear Ms. Nguyen:

There are a few options for getting a sleeker and more toned figure:

1. Lose some weight. Shedding 10-20 pounds will take an inch or more off your body.

2. Consider a nonsurgical body contouring procedure such as Coolsculpting or Vanquish. Out of all of the nonsurgical body contouring treatments that are currently available, I believe that Coolsculpting is the most consistently effective as well as comfortable treatment. Be wary of treatments called Zerona and LipoLaser.

3. Consider a body contouring procedure such as liposuction. When it comes to liposuction, the most important factor by far is the skill and experience of the surgeon, rather than the specific technique or technology. Be wary of providers with lesser experience who call themselves "cosmetic surgeons"

At your age, your body and mind are still maturing, so you may wish to give yourself a few years to consider what is best for yourself.

Please see an experienced, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs the full spectrum of body contouring procedures including non-surgical and surgical procedures to discuss your concerns.

Warmest wishes,

Larry Fan, MD

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